Islamic Apparel Exhibitions in Tehran

Two Islamic apparel exhibitions were simultaneously held in Tehran in line with the policies of Ahmadinejad administration to promote the observance of hijab. Reyhaneh Islamic Clothing Exhibit held at Tehran’s Mosalla (prayer grounds) during July 13-22, was reportedly not much successful. However, the other exhibition designated “The Women of My Land“ was received with public enthusiasm thanks to featuring new colorful designs inspired by Islamic and Persian culture.“The Women of My Land“ which wrapped up on July 23 lasted one week at Hijab Hall of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. The Interior Ministry, Tehran Governor General’s Office as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran Police organized the exhibit.
Secretary of the exhibition told ISNA that “inspired by the success of the show, the organizers plan to turn it into an international exhibition by inviting designers from Islamic countries.“
Farahnaz Qandforoush explained the decision was made following visits by members of Muslim diplomatic missions to Iran, who expressed willingness to take part in the event.
The official explained that an international exhibit would provide domestic costume designers with a chance to present top models of Islamic clothing for domestic supply as well as exports.
In related news, head of the Center for Women and Family Affairs reiterated that the exhibit would turn into an international event as of next year.
Zohreh Tabibzadeh Nouri, who was paying a visit to the exhibition, stated that it had been successful in grabbing women’s attention by featuring a variety of colorful Islamic designs.
She added that dresses displayed at the exhibit can help provide women with models of proper hijab.
Meanwhile, deputy secretary of the event for executive affairs, Maryam Zamani, said its organizers also planned to establish a non-governmental organization named “The Women of My Land“.
The official stated that the NGO would help promote proper hijab and meanwhile turn into a nerve center for those interested in designing Islamic apparels.


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