Tips to choose a Muslimah swim wear

Before looking at these tips and heading off to buy your beach dress, find a full-length mirror. Do the little dance you do when you are assessing yourself in the mirror; turn, pivot, and pose. What you should try to do is to look at negative space. Hold your arms out to the side and look at your waist, hips and bust. Doing this will give you a quick idea of what to look for when purchasing your swimwear, beach dress, or any outfit for that matter. Another way to do the little check is to actually measure your bust, waist and hips. Finding the right clothing for your figure is about using geometry.

The criteria in choosing the right swim suites are cut, color, pattern, and material. Cut is the most important among this. It’ll formulate or destroy your body’s steadiness and proportion. Color, patterns and material add the finishing touches.

Not all cuts work for all body types. The pattern and fabric for some common body types can be defined as:


If your hips and bottom are larger than your upper body, choose colors, patterns and details that draw attention away from your lower half. Pairing a solid color (like black) for your lower half with a patterned or bold top will draw the eye upward.

Large Bust

To minimize a larger bust, choose a solid-colored bathing suit top.

Small Bust

Large geometric shapes and patterns, especially horizontal stripes, give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Plus Size

If you’re plus size, try a suit in a dark color or swirling patterns.Many Muslim women think that they don’t have the right swimsuit for their body. In fact, by wearing a Muslimah swim wear, everyone can be self confident during swimming no matter what body type they have. There are easy ways to draw attention away from different aspects of your body that will cover up your shape and make you feel your best.

Color and design are important elements of a swim suit. Darker colors tend to be more subtle. A top with some pattern and a relatively clean simple bottom will give slimming effect and brings the eyes upward.

If you do not have a small waist, or your waist measures the same or only slightly smaller than your hips, look for a dress that has a pattern near the waist that minimizes the waist. Diagonal patterns, lines and darts can do this quite well.

Dresses with lower waistlines, or V-shaped waistlines will help to give the illusion of smaller waists.

Dresses that have bunched or ruffled material will create the illusion of a larger bust.

A dress with simple, or solid colors on the bodice will create an illusion of a larger bust.

You can minimize bulging bellies, larger hips and even larger busts by opting for solid colors.

Angled lines and cuts can do well to draw attention away from certain aspects of your figure.

For heavier legs, wear long flowing dresses. There are beach sarongs that you can buy to use as shawls if you have heavier arms.

Find the perfect bra. Whether this bra is going to be a part of your actual swimsuit or under your beach dress, a good supportive bra can lift and shape your bust. A good bra can minimize your waist, add or detract from your bust size as desired.

The right material can help smooth out any lumps or bumps. Choose a suit with at least 15% spandex or Lycra, but make sure it’s not too tight – you don’t want to create unwanted lumps and bumps.

Don’t limit yourself to only what is in the stores. Size selection and inventory is often limited and it can be hard to find the styles that work best for your unique figure.

While you taking attention away from the features of your body, you will become more confident and  enjoy your swimming in a public pool.


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